Turnip and Beet Chips with Thyme and Truffle Oil

So I am sitting here watching Wheel of Fortune while I’m waiting for my friend to come over so we can watch the best show on television right now at 8pm ET.

Turnip and Beet Chips with Thyme and Truffle Oil Turnip and Beet Chips with Thyme and Truffle Oil
I am not even sure I can admit what I am about to watch in 15 minutes. It is something that 3 months ago I would have never thought I would be this invested let alone watch. If you haven’t guessed it yet, then I might as well tell you it is the season finale of The Bachelor.

I was that non-believer only a mere 3 months ago who made fun of my friends while they told me how hot the guys were on the The Bachelorette and how they were on Team Becca of Team Whitney or whatever. I told myself there is absolutely NO WAY I am going to watch this show or let my friends convince me to watch it. NO WAY.

Turnip and Beet Chips with Thyme and Truffle Oil Turnip and Beet Chips with Thyme and Truffle Oil
Well as you now know, that all went down the toilet bowl. Cause here I am sitting with some cheddar popcorn and store-bought gluten-free cookies all ready, anxiously waiting for my friend to get here so we can start watching this dang thing.

Cause even though I am shamefully watching this show, my inner cynic is actually still enjoying this. Cause I mean c’mon how can a man be in love with two different women at the SAME time, AND and with whom he has only known for 2 months? I can’t help but feel that underneath it all, this is still a classic case of narcissism. Am I the only one thinking this? Maybe I still need a few more years of #bachelornation to soften me up.

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French Onion Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Sliders

Sometimes you have to take your favorite thing to eat and bring it to the next level. And I’m talking the let’s put all the things we love into a cheesy gooey and delicious bun sort of level.

Let’s first talk about pão de queijo. I absolutely adore those golden brown cheesy and chewy bites. I was fortunate enough to live in Brazil for a few years as a kid and I would always spend my allowance money at the padaria and get myself a pão de queijo. I was always so happy to bite into that soft and gooey center! We all have our own wonderful childhood memories of gustatory bliss.

But really when I do think of my time in Brazil I always think of pão de queijo. I was definitely bummed out when I returned to Germany and I had no idea how to fulfill my pão de queijo fix. Whenever I went to a new city, I had to inspect the designated ‘Brazilian’ part of town and search for that unknown Brazilian baker who had pão de queijo on their menu.

It was tricky and it became so rare to eat them that they were a luxury to me. Until I finally grew up into the independent and responsible adult I am today and suddenly realized why suffer when I can just make them myself!

How is it that I adored these delightful cheesy bread buns for all these years without even having a clue how they are made and what they are made of? Oh, Linda.

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