Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Banana Bread

Rebirth is an incredible thing. To look back at who you were just a few years ago and see a totally different person is not at all alarming. In fact it feels right, it feels satisfying, it feels healing.

Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Banana Bread - gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Banana Bread - gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!
I have come to learn something important in the last few months that I feel so grateful for knowing. And more equally grateful that I’ve started to take this lesson and promote it as much as I can in my future. And this lesson is to welcome, embrace and celebrate change.

To be able to heal because of a change in my life was a concept I never expected to make sense. To me staying in what felt comfortable, staying grounded in every aspect of my life that I knew, that I was familiar with, that I knew would never change – that felt right.

Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Banana Bread - gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Banana Bread - gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!
It wasn’t like holding onto anything such as looking back to the past and never letting go of that. It was more like keeping life in a standstill. Keeping life unaltered, safe. It was my way of making sure I was immune to everything, anything that would come my way. You know, the unknown. Little did I know, that unknown is what everyone knows as moving on.

So I continued to keep myself stifled, continued to repress change until finally it burst out of me. I was free, I was scared but I was free. Rebirth was all that I was waiting for and rebirth is what makes me look forward tomorrow, the day after that, next month, next year, next decade and its such and awesome thing!

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Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls

My sister came to visit me and I really wanted to bake something with her. However she is without a doubt gluten-free (and she’s pretty adamant about it too, bless her soul).

I also really wanted a photo buddy (a more nicer way of saying photo assistant aka. let me take pretty photos of you handling food). Cause let’s be honest when I take pictures of myself it’s a little awkward, especially when you don’t have a tripod. And I have very week arms so trying to balance the camera while holding a spoonful of potatoes ain’t easy folks.

So my sister diligently helped me out and put on her little cute jean shorts and made these cinnamon rolls with me. Total sister bonding time.

Sometimes cinnamon rolls don’t have to be super decadent. I get it, that’s what gets your mouth watering and everyone’s favorite past time in dumping all those yummy ingredients onto the dough and drowning them in frosting once they are out of the oven. But I gotta think smart in these moments.

When I was spreading the sugar and butter onto dough I thought to myself, that’s A LOT of sugar. My sister and I refrained from adding too much and just stuck to a more modest amount. But then we made up for it with the glaze.

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Dark Chocolate Brownie Cake with Salted Caramel Glaze


Sometimes you are in the supermarket, strolling along the aisles, when you come across the baking section and you look at those 8. oz bars of baking chocolate stacked up high and you think, how can I buy a dozen of these without looking like some sort of chocolate fiend? Well the answer lies within this cake.

I seriously cannot live without chocolate, and I am sure that I am not alone. I used to think milk chocolate was the best thing an eleven-year-old kid could ask for until I realized dark chocolate existed.

brownie_cake_caramel_icing_11 brownie_cake_caramel_icing_12

And after that I never had a single piece of milk chocolate again. I really don’t know why but whenever I would try it in a normal candy bar it just didn’t taste good, it didn’t really even taste like chocolate to me.

So this cake is a celebration for my love of dark chocolate. I mean I could literally drink this batter. All that ridiculous amount of butter and chocolate mixed harmoniously together could make a chocolate-lover cry.

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Mini Banana Bread Loaves with Struesel Topping

Whenever I bake this banana bread, my apartment smells like heaven for the next 3 days. I’m talking total blissful brown butter heaven.

Seriously when I put my stick of butter in that skillet and watch those little white flecks bronze to nutty perfection it’s like I’m in my happy place and I don’t ever want to get out. So naturally I like to sneak brown butter into my baking creations whenever I can.

Let’s just take a minute and do a shout out to flour. I mean this is literally where it all begins and my main man Flour (yes capitalized) is getting a real bad rep nowadays.

Yes gluten can be bad for some of us (the ones who have some gluten intolerance or sensitivity or even worse, celiac disease) but sometimes you have to remind yourself that flour isn’t the devil incarnate you might of thought it was. Like certain sugars and fats, it’s always good to take gluten in moderation and up your dose of fruits and vegetables. So it becomes that much special when you decide to treat yourself again. And this is my treat.

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Greek Yogurt Marble Pound Cake

I never had any fancy cakes for my birthday growing up. No thick, fluffy frosting wrapped around my cake with my name written in pink icing on top surrounded by little sugary flowers. No, for me I just got an old fashioned marble pound cake. And I absolutely loved it.

So naturally this cake was the first thing I ever baked. The only memories I ever had of baking going on in our kitchen was to make this simple yet delicious treat.

I have also recently fell in love with greek yogurt. I mean who hasn’t by now. Maybe I was a little late on the greek yogurt fad. But I’m in it now and I am putting it in my pound cakes.

I just love the tart taste it gives the cake as well as the smooth and creamy texture it brings to the chocolate. It’s a different take on my family’s beloved marble pound cake recipe and it is still quite the treat and my 6 year-old self would have loved it.

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Melt-y Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Ihave been wanting to get the chance to make something from Joy the Baker‘s new cookbook Homemade Decadence, and when work announced a cookie potluck I knew exactly what cookies to make.

Melt-y Chocolate Truffle Cookies

These are probably the most attractive looking cookies that are haunting your Pinterest feed this holiday season. And please succumb to the temptation and bake them.

I brought them to work and they were literally the first to go. What’s great about these is that you don’t have to try hard to make them aesthetically pleasing. You just roll them in powdered sugar, pop them in the oven and BAM you have a fancy looking little cookie.

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Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins

Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins

Oh my, June was a busy month! I am trying to graduate college this summer so I can get my hands on that piece of paper that society says will make me feel complete. But once things like this have been put off for so long you just want it to be over so you can move on with your life!

But until then, what better to have lying around while you’re eyes are glued to the computer screen and your tummy starts to rumble to the impending thought of having to work more to make yourself something to eat, than muffins! Yep there really is nothing else I can think of unless you have a boyfriend who can act your own personal chef. And I know someone who does and I always remind her how extremely jealous I am.

Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins
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Brown Butter Lemon Streusel Muffins

Ever since I’ve started baking there are a few things I just can’t get enough of: lemon, streusel, and brooownn butttterrrr. It is seriously the best thing ever and it’s the reason why I stray away from deli food and want bake in the first place.

I just love that nutty sweet smell brown butter has. It gives any ordinary recipe an extra boost in taste and flavor you never though it could have. I’ve might gained a couple pounds because of brown butter but it was totally worth every tasty bite.


I really wanted to combine all my loves together and see if lemon, streusel and brown butter can be friendly in baking terms. And it turns out, they can!

I ended up using brown sugar for my muffins instead because I just simply ran out of granulated sugar. Yes I am so fancy. It gave it more of a denser batter and an extra bit of taste and crunch. But granulated sugar is always the preferred, so do what you want!

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8 Cakes I Wish I Had The Guts To Bake


AHHH, I wish I had an excuse to bake beautiful cakes all the time! But apparently my friends’ birthdays are for like another few months. Sigh.

So what do I do until then? Just bake a cake every week and eat it by myself?

I don’t get how those food bloggers do it, you know, the ones who only blog about cakes. They always say they have grateful neighbors who help eat it all.

Well, they obviously don’t live in New York City, cause the word ‘neighbor’ here don’t mean diddly squat.



Oh crap, my mouth just started watering, again. It does this every, single timmmeee.

I just see Slim Palate‘s action shot of hot oozing caramel being poured over a cake, it’s bronze glow glistening as it seeps into a pool of yumminess…

Yep, drool is seeping out of my mouth. THIS IS TORTURE.



This is a great starter cake for anyone, that is simple yet looks soooo delicious.

I think the fact that Baked Bree‘s cake is just black and white and isn’t over-the-top makes it such a gem.

And c’mon, chocolate chips all up in my cake? You won me over, baby.
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