Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Matcha Cashew Filling

Let’s play a game: How many sandwich cookies can Linda stack on top of each other without them toppling over and falling to their doom?

Well surprisingly I was able to stack five on top of each other with very few complications. Well I would say they only fell over like 7 times, not sure if that is a total success, but it is in my book!

My inspiration for these lovely Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Matcha Cashew Filling came from the Moon Phase Molasses Cookies I made a couple of months ago. I really loved that cookie recipe from Faring Well that I slightly adapted for those moon phase cookies that I found myself making a batch whenever I felt like it cause they are so easy and so yummy and, wait for it, VEGAN.

One thing that definitely struck me when I looked at those moon phase cookies after I had posted them was why I didn’t make them into sandwich cookies! I think some lovely woman commented on my “in progress” photo I posted on Instagram asking what filling I had used and I was like oh dear, this lady knows better than I do! Wish I had come up with that before!

But as ALWAYS you can find another excuse to make cookies again. I mean there is never an inopportune time to make cookies. It is just against our nature as humans cause we are ALL about the sweet life. Am I right?

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Melt-y Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Ihave been wanting to get the chance to make something from Joy the Baker‘s new cookbook Homemade Decadence, and when work announced a cookie potluck I knew exactly what cookies to make.

Melt-y Chocolate Truffle Cookies

These are probably the most attractive looking cookies that are haunting your Pinterest feed this holiday season. And please succumb to the temptation and bake them.

I brought them to work and they were literally the first to go. What’s great about these is that you don’t have to try hard to make them aesthetically pleasing. You just roll them in powdered sugar, pop them in the oven and BAM you have a fancy looking little cookie.

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