Kale Salad with Roasted Beets, Dates and Blood Orange Vinaigrette

I love that feeling when something new and exciting happens in your life. I absolutely LIVE for that feeling. So in the past few months I have gotten to experience some new and exciting changes in my life – and it all has to do with food.

kale-date-salad-2 kale-date-salad-3
I think it is really important to take a moment sometimes to stop what you are doing, just step back and assess your life at that moment. It is good to ask questions like – do you feel good about yourself every day? are you being fulfilled? are you holding yourself back in anyway? are you depriving your body and mind with the proper nutrition and tools for long-lasting health and happiness?

As much as I had been improving my way of life little by little this past year, I was still disappointed when I realized that the answers to these questions were not the right answers at all. I knew that I had to do something, something even drastic in my life to ensure that the next time I try to answer these questions the right answers will come up!

kale-date-salad-4 kale-date-salad-5
So a big thing that I did was finally cut out sugar. I had been cutting out wheat/gluten and dairy for the past year now and I have definitely noticed the positive effects that has had on my body! No more stomach aches from drinking too much milk or eating all that yogurt. And, to my biggest surprise, no more unfortunate bowel movements now that the bread/pasta/gluten is gone! Sorry yes this just got personal but it’s important that we all talk about this stuff. I feel like by not talking about how my digestive system wasn’t working properly this whole time because I was too embarrassed to mention it, put me in a lot of misery these past few years (my whole life really) and I wish I would have remedied it sooner. But better now than later I guess!

Cutting out sugar really helped me with my mood and even more importantly my headaches! I realize that before it was almost NORMAL for me to carry around Advil in my purse and have it next to my bed at all times. I would pop one of them a few times a week because I would get headaches. Well folks it was because of all that SUGAR!
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