My Favorite Roasted Vegetables


I have literally made these roasted vegetables five times this past week. I made them once and then next thing I knew I was getting requests here and there.

Roasting vegetables is just the easiest and healthiest thing to cook and I am so surprised that not that many people do it. It is so much fun preparing all the vegetables and their vibrant colors. It is almost like playing with play-doh but the adult version and you do get to eat it.


Lately I just can’t get enough of beets. I was always that person who loved beets but only ate them at restaurants and then was too intimidated to buy them in the store (like so many other awesome vegetables I need to get the guts to buy).

Beets actually have nutritional properties that really help your digestive system. They are a great way of testing how much acid is in your stomach. Just eat some beets and if you pee red, great! If you don’t your precious tummy is a bit acidic.

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8 Cakes I Wish I Had The Guts To Bake


AHHH, I wish I had an excuse to bake beautiful cakes all the time! But apparently my friends’ birthdays are for like another few months. Sigh.

So what do I do until then? Just bake a cake every week and eat it by myself?

I don’t get how those food bloggers do it, you know, the ones who only blog about cakes. They always say they have grateful neighbors who help eat it all.

Well, they obviously don’t live in New York City, cause the word ‘neighbor’ here don’t mean diddly squat.



Oh crap, my mouth just started watering, again. It does this every, single timmmeee.

I just see Slim Palate‘s action shot of hot oozing caramel being poured over a cake, it’s bronze glow glistening as it seeps into a pool of yumminess…

Yep, drool is seeping out of my mouth. THIS IS TORTURE.



This is a great starter cake for anyone, that is simple yet looks soooo delicious.

I think the fact that Baked Bree‘s cake is just black and white and isn’t over-the-top makes it such a gem.

And c’mon, chocolate chips all up in my cake? You won me over, baby.
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