Mini Banana Bread Loaves with Struesel Topping

Whenever I bake this banana bread, my apartment smells like heaven for the next 3 days. I’m talking total blissful brown butter heaven.

Seriously when I put my stick of butter in that skillet and watch those little white flecks bronze to nutty perfection it’s like I’m in my happy place and I don’t ever want to get out. So naturally I like to sneak brown butter into my baking creations whenever I can.

Let’s just take a minute and do a shout out to flour. I mean this is literally where it all begins and my main man Flour (yes capitalized) is getting a real bad rep nowadays.

Yes gluten can be bad for some of us (the ones who have some gluten intolerance or sensitivity or even worse, celiac disease) but sometimes you have to remind yourself that flour isn’t the devil incarnate you might of thought it was. Like certain sugars and fats, it’s always good to take gluten in moderation and up your dose of fruits and vegetables. So it becomes that much special when you decide to treat yourself again. And this is my treat.

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