Greek Yogurt Marble Pound Cake

I never had any fancy cakes for my birthday growing up. No thick, fluffy frosting wrapped around my cake with my name written in pink icing on top surrounded by little sugary flowers. No, for me I just got an old fashioned marble pound cake. And I absolutely loved it.

So naturally this cake was the first thing I ever baked. The only memories I ever had of baking going on in our kitchen was to make this simple yet delicious treat.

I have also recently fell in love with greek yogurt. I mean who hasn’t by now. Maybe I was a little late on the greek yogurt fad. But I’m in it now and I am putting it in my pound cakes.

I just love the tart taste it gives the cake as well as the smooth and creamy texture it brings to the chocolate. It’s a different take on my family’s beloved marble pound cake recipe and it is still quite the treat and my 6 year-old self would have loved it.

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