Raspberry Mango Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl

The day you realize you are actually capable of getting abs is a glorious day. The day you realize they can disappear cause you didn’t work out for a week cause you were too busy eating Girl Scout cookies? No so great, but at least I had my Thin Mints to console me.

raspberry-mango-smoothie-bowl-5 raspberry-mango-smoothie-bowl-3
I have to mention that when I say getting abs I don’t mean the visible kind that Karlie Kloss has. I mean just actually flexing your stomach and being able to FEEL muscle inside instead of a food baby is pretty empowering. My recent experience, however, of noticing my body and my strength change after not working out for more than a week and indulging in Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints in my freezer = happy Linda) was definitely an eye opener for me.

It taught me exactly what it’s supposed to teach you, that your body changes and it can change very easily from one moment to the next and it is totally okay cause that’s what it DOES. It is definitely important to understand how your body works and that it is meant to adapt very easily. Just because you have to take a few weeks off and you might be less active than you were before, you can always get back into it and get those muscle back!

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Post-Workout Blueberry Açaí Banana Protein Smoothie

So far in 2016 I have learnt a pretty valuable lesson — working out is not meant for losing weight or obtaining the perfect body, it is meant for so much more.

Post-Workout Blueberry Açaí Banana Protein Smoothie Post-Workout Blueberry Açaí Banana Protein Smoothie
When this new year started I began to look at my lifestyle and started thinking to myself, how can I be sure that this year I will be my happiest, both mentally and physically? I had already changed the way I eat to a plant-based diet which was very rewarding and I am already seeing the positive side effects from sticking to that way of eating. But there was still something else I felt I wasn’t giving my body and more importantly my mind. And that was exercise.

I started to work out 5-6 days a week for 30 minutes each day and it absolutely feels amazing. It has nothing to do with how I look in the mirror or if I can even see my abs, it is entirely a transformation in my mind. Not only does feeling physically stronger makes you feel amazing but the benefits it has on my mind, wellbeing and general happiness is staggering.

Exercising definitely clears my mind, and because of this I have realized that my objectives and goals have become clearer too. I have become much more efficient in my day to day life now because I don’t feel like my clouded head is bogging me down. Have a strong body is great, but having a stronger mind is beautiful.

Post-Workout Blueberry Açaí Banana Protein Smoothie
And to nourish that strong body and strong mind I knew I needed an awesome superfood protein smoothie! Drinking a smoothie after working out is always one of the best feelings ever. Because you are not really hungry, your body is yearning for lots of nutrients and vitamins and you feel like you can hear you body calling.

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