Balsamic and Honey Roasted Root Vegetables

One of my new years resolutions this year is to go out of my comfort zone and use ingredients I had never cooked with before. Just walk into the supermarket and grab something you don’t recognize, no questions asked.

This is especially important for seasonal vegetables that only make an appearance in my store for a month or so and then just disappear. And I am always hesitant and I don’t know why!

The other day I was at the supermarket, I saw a vegetable that was the almost looked like John C. Reilly’s head. It was even the size of John C. Reilly’s head. I was like what in the world is this and how the hell did it even come out of the ground?

I ended up asking the people who worked there and it even took them a while to give me an answer. Sadly I don’t remember what it was called and of course I haven’t seen it sense because I bet other people were just as curious as me and snatched one up before they were gone.

I have yet to see John C. Reilly’s vegetable like head anywhere else. Disclaimer: IF YOU have seen this at your store (or have any idea what I could be talking about, I know my description is pretty meager) let me know.

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Rice Noodle Salad with Lime Tahini Dressing

Sadly the holidays are already over. At least for me, cause I’m already back at work! But then I have to deal with the holiday-travel-craziness AGAIN because I’m going out of town for New Years. Girl can’t catch a break.

But seriously DON’T get me started on how seriously angry my tummy is (yep Gertrude has a bit of a temper). Well it’s too late cause I’m gonna tell you.

I totally gave in and ate so many sweets for Christmas. There was this chocolate rugelach that was just indescribably good and we always have to have baumkuchen which is just a German family tradition, so I was munching on that for days. I had to retire early a few nights with my trusty heating pad set to ‘ultra high’ while it was wrapped around my abdomen. Clearly during the holidays you don’t think straight.

So I seriously have to do a little detoxing. And I know everyone says that after the holidays mostly because of fear of weight gain and also to just clear your conscious, but what about giving your stomach a break before you wreck havoc on it again for New Years? Stomachs do a lot of work and sometimes I don’t appreciate mine as much

So ladies and gentlemen let me present to you this fine and delectable dish! This is literally my soul food. It is quite simple yet utterly delicious that it will make you smile, well at least it does for me so that’s proof enough, right? It is one of the dishes on here that I make allllll the time and it’s just so darn easy to make.

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My Favorite Roasted Vegetables


I have literally made these roasted vegetables five times this past week. I made them once and then next thing I knew I was getting requests here and there.

Roasting vegetables is just the easiest and healthiest thing to cook and I am so surprised that not that many people do it. It is so much fun preparing all the vegetables and their vibrant colors. It is almost like playing with play-doh but the adult version and you do get to eat it.


Lately I just can’t get enough of beets. I was always that person who loved beets but only ate them at restaurants and then was too intimidated to buy them in the store (like so many other awesome vegetables I need to get the guts to buy).

Beets actually have nutritional properties that really help your digestive system. They are a great way of testing how much acid is in your stomach. Just eat some beets and if you pee red, great! If you don’t your precious tummy is a bit acidic.

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